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UWP Window Size Manager is a tool that sits on the tray and keeps tabs on UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps' sizes and location. This tool was made because of a quirk in Windows 10 that makes it so when a UWP app is launched by another UWP app, it copies the window size of the app that launched it.

This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but for those who like their app windows to stay consistent through launches, this can get frustrating. And there's really no good reason for it to behave this way to begin with.

UWP Window Size Manager attempts to fix that by remembering the window positions and sizes and re-applying them when the UWP .apps are re-opened. Doing this eliminates the quirk.

Below is a demonstration of a before and after the tool is in use.


When a UWP app launches another UWP app, the newly launched app loses its previous window size and position.


The newly launched app now retains its position and size and is consistent through launches whether direct or from another app.

Special Cases

This should work out of the box for any UWP native apps. This has no effect on Project Centennial apps (win32 converted to UWP). As far as I know, only pure UWP apps suffer from this sizing problem.

With that said, there are two special cases. They affect both Microsoft Edge and the built in Mail app.

  • On Microsoft Edge, the InPrivate window is treated as a different entity than the main browser window. This is done so InPrivate browsing window can be freely resized unrelated to the main one.
  • On Microsoft Edge (again), the popped out version of the F12 Developer Tools is also considered as a different entity from the Microsoft Edge app itself for the same reasons as above.
  • On the Mail app, the pop out view of emails are treated as a different entity from the Mail app as well.

Problems? Suggestions?

Feel free to message me or comment below. This was written in my spare afternoon so I may have missed some things. If you want it to open at bootup, just create a shortcut and put the shortcut in your Startup folder.

There is a UWP version of this tool but it's available on request only as it uses self-signed certs.

Note: I intentionally made this unlaunchable on the itch.io client because this is more of a system tool than something to be run from within the client.


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Version 1.1

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